Faraya Village

Faraya or Mzaar? There is some confusion about the name of Mzaar ski resort. Since it was built and for many decades, Mzaar ski resort was called Faraya Mzaar Ski Resort. Then, the Kfardebian municipality intervened, insisting on Mzaar Kfardebian as the official name since the ski resort falls within the Kfardebian region. Faraya village is in a different municipal region, so ‘Faraya’ is no longer used in the name of the ski resort. Now, The ski resort is officially ‘Mzaar Kfardebian’ (or just Mzaar resort for short), and ‘Faraya’ refers to the village of Faraya hotels and Faraya chalets on the way to the slopes, just below the Mzaar ski resort.

Mzaar ski resort is the biggest and most popular in Lebanon, owing partly to its location: it is the closest to the capital city of Beirut. In fact, you can even see Mzaar, the highest peak, from Beirut in all its snowcapped glory. Likewise, you can see the urban skyline of Beirut from the lifts at Mzaar ski resort. This means that you can reach your hotel in Faraya by car in less than an hour, or in the same amount of time you can reach your Faraya chalet without losing valuable ski time time on the road.

Activities in Faraya Village

Aside from being the obvious homebase for your Mzaar ski resort vacation and location of your Faraya hotel or chalet, Faraya Village has even more to offer. Within Faraya Village you will find a stellar combination of restaurants and nightlife, recreation and shopping, spa facilities and even fun activities for the kids.

Faraya Village has dining options that will meet the tastes of even the most discerning palette. The best and most well-known restaurants are to be found in the leading hotels in Faraya, Hotel Chateau d’Eau has a great a la carte menu, Terre Brune Hotel has restaurant with a a full menu, and the grand Mzaar InterContinental has three different restaurants to choose from. Aside from hotel restaurants, other fine restaurant options are the Montagnou which serves French Alpine cuisine, and three favorites for traditional Lebanese food are Nahr El Hawa, Min Tourathna, and Al Noujoum.

If you’re looking for somewhere with both great food and a fun bar atmosphere in Maraya Village and around Mzaar resort, check out Ricky’s, Tabou, Lights, Le Kayak, L’Interdit, L’Igloo, and L’Epinoche. In all of these places, you’ll find a dance floor and a lively scene of both locals and international skiers to keep the party going until the small hours of the morning.

Not just a winter sport destination, Faraya Village has activities for year-round fun. During summer months, groups and families can enjoy all sorts of outdoor mountain activities. Hiking, biking, mountain safari, ATV camping, and more are waiting just outside of Faraya Village. Or, for the less active guests who just want a little relaxation and pampering, find spa treatment and fun boutique shopping in the village center. There’s even a playground for the kids. Faraya Village is the kind of place that everyone can love, and a great weekend getaway from the noise and hustle of Beirut during any season of the year.